LinkedIn’s Lana Khavinson about Small Business Social Media Tips

Looking for small business social media tips to grow your visibility? Then checkout this interview that Kim Beasley conducted with LinkedIn’s Lana Khavinson as she shared several social media tips for small businesses to grow  their visibility and engagement online with their customers. Using these vital tips, then growth with their visibility, engagement, and network can be experienced from the small business social media tips.

Getting started by growing your visibility

Lana offered three major social media tips for small businesses who are getting started with social media.

  • Every Small Business must have a presence on the key social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • When you build your presence, think about the different reasons people use different social media platforms
  • Important for you to not only represent your company, but also yourself. By have a presence as an individual and company, people can find and engage with you.

Small business social media tips lead to engagement

According to Lana, engagement is just as important as having a personal and company presence on all the major social media platforms.

  • Post updates off your personal profiles. You don’t need unique content; it may be something your followers find interesting
  • Another thing that’s important is to standout as an industry expert, a person that’s on top of the trends. But don’t forget to post those same types of updates to your company page, because as you build out your followers through both pages you start to build a conversation and engagement with the audience your trying to reach.
  • Use Groups, Don’t just post something there and just walk away. You want to be apart of the conversation. It’s important to remember that it’s not about who you know, but about their network

About Lana Khavinson:

small business social media tipsLana Khavinson is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn where she is responsible for driving growth and engagement for LinkedIn Company Pages. She joined LinkedIn with more than a decade of experience working in a variety of 
marketing roles at such marquee companies as American Express, Yahoo! and Intuit. In her current role, she is deeply engaged in increasing the adoption and engagement of LinkedIn Company Pages, with a special interest in helping small/medium businesses accelerate their marketing efforts by providing

Segment Description:

Kim Beasley will be interviewing Lana Khavinson who is part of the LinkedIn – Small & Medium Businesses group in regarding to social media. Want to learn additional social media tips for small businesses can use it to connect with their target markets. Then this is the #Google + Hangouts on Air show for you. Lana will be sharing about “The Year of the Social Small Business”. For more details about LinkedIn , how social media affects small business owners, and addtional social media tips for small businesseses check out this link:

Watch the video to learn small business social media tips for the interview below:

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